light bulbs    We use only LED bulbs for our lamps. LED bulbs use less energy, are safer and most importantly for our purposes are not as hot. You can fit a halogen or xenon bulb into the bi pin socket and it will light up but you will crack the lamp because of the amount of heat the bulb puts out. ONLY USE LED BULBS in our lamps.

dimmers    LED lighting is a wonderful, energy efficient means of providing light to a home or space. However, it can be finicky sometimes, especially when used with a dimmer. If you are using a dimmer switch you must use an LED bulb that is dimmable. Conversely, if you are not using a dimmer you must use a non dimmable LED bulb. Also, if you are using a dimmer make sure the dimmer switch is LED compatible. Many older dimmers don't work well with LED lights.

UL Certified Components    All the electrical components used in our lamps are certified by one of the large certification agencies like Underwriters Laboratories. The transformer, socket and LED bulbs all have a certification mark. However, that does not mean the whole lamp has been certified at this time. It is an expensive process and we will get there in the future but as of today we are not. 

indoor use only    Do not use lamps outside

production   Our lamps are made to order, please allow about 4-6 weeks to ship from receipt of order. 

warranty    We back our lamps for one year, if anything should go wrong with any of the parts or components, like the socket or the transformer. If the lamp was installed improperly or tampered or altered in any way from its original intention then warranty is void. If you use a halogen or xenon bulb we will not warranty your lamp.

returns    We will accept returns for up to 30 days from receipt of your lamp. If for whatever reason you wish to return lamp let us know and we'll get you a shipping label to send the lamp back. Make sure you return in the packaging that came with the lamp. The shipping fee for the return will be deducted from your refund. Any time after 30 days will be a case by case basis. 

shipping and handling    PLEASE carefully inspect your lamp upon receipt for any damage. If the shipping container looks suspect let us know. Every lamp is tested before it leaves the shop and our lamps are pretty stout but damage can still occur so please look over your lamp carefully and make sure nothing is wrong with it.